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4Safe provides companies and industries with knowledge, skills, product development from the security industry. We have been planning and implementing surveillance for various needs since 1995. We tailor the service package to the site to be surveyed and always offer a comprehensive solution and service instead of just equipment.

Due to the rapid product development in the industry, it has become increasingly important to provide our customers with a comprehensive service: sales, design, product comparison, installation, product guidance and maintenance can all be found for our customers from the same company, 4Safe. Among the new products coming to market, it can be challenging to find a suitable solution. Without a professional, systems are easily acquired that do not even benefit from the purpose for which they were originally acquired. 4Safe offers its customers only systems that have been tested, approved and proven to work in practice.

Security is evolving. Old camera surveillance systems can also be utilized and it is not always necessary to renew the whole system or cabling. We upgrade old systems and look for suitable solutions how these can be utilized in a modern way. We are also one step ahead of our time by updating our expertise and looking for new innovative solutions. We serve nationally as well as internationally.