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About us

We are an innovative solution partner for security and process technology

4Safe Oy is versatile house of experts founded in 1995. We manufacture, apply and integrate comprehensive solutions for the various needs of companies, public administration and industry.

We are a company focused on technical project sales and our operating principles include project sales of professional imaging equipment and related peripherals. Our special expertise includes security and process technology solutions. Our great strength is the customized solutions for the needs of industry, power plants and electricity distribution. We also implement image transfer and storage systems for exceptional destinations.

We provide our customers with services and solutions that make their business more efficient. We have strong contacts with manufacturers around the world and represent products and product brands from several different manufacturers. Our technical expertise has made us experts in the field and created the ability for us to respond flexibly to different customer needs.

It is important to us that the individual needs and wishes of our customers come true. We are constantly developing our expertise to ensure the best possible solutions and services for our customers. We also design and manufacture special products ourselves, according to the needs of our customers.

We want to partner with our customers to create the solutions of the future together, because we know that wisdom is not alone with us but is accumulated in cooperation with professional and demanding customers.

Customer orientation

Listening to the customer and understanding their needs are essential when developing innovative solutions. Our starting point is to offer services and solutions from the customer’s point of view that guarantee high quality and cost efficiency for the benefit of the customer.


Professionalism and expertise are born from experience, the desire to learn new things and develop skills through continuous training. We are professionally proud of our own expertise and that we do not compromise on quality. Strong know-how and expertise are reflected in all our operations. Years of experience in the industry and continuous improvement of professionalism, makes our staff top experts in the field, who quickly find a cost-effective solution to challenges of all sizes.


Our goal is to utilize the latest information, develop new products and methods, and use the most up-to-date technology available to implement all of them. We want to be a leading pioneer in providing the best expertise in our industry now and in the future and to be able to even better meet the current and future needs of our customers.


Values are visible and heard in our daily operation. For us, sustainability is a matter of honor and means responsibility for people, environment and finances. We want to do business in a way that we can be truly proud of. Subcontractors are carefully selected and we require them to be also sustainable and ethical. We sleep well at night because we are honest in every direction.